Peter Jeffrey - Our Community

Peter Jeffrey - Our Community
Meet Peter, Peter is a personal trainer from the UK and has lived with Type 1 since he was 8 years old. Fun fact - he was also the first person to buy patches through our website!
This is his story about life with Type 1 diabetes.
“I was diagnosed with Type 1 at 8 years of age, not knowing what it even was. With being diabetic it gives you the responsibilities and also makes you grow up fast. The awareness of Diabetes especially Type 1 has increased, but not as much as it should be in my opinion.
With being Diabetic we all have our struggles, whether you walk away from it all or you come out on top and realise diabetes is a part of you. Everyone has their own coping mechanisms to get through it all, fitness is a massive part of my life.
With being a personal trainer I've found the freestyle libre perfect to check my blood sugars between clients and also when I'm training. With my weight training and my diabetes I found it difficult to balance it all out at the start, but once you get to grips with it all and do your own research to get the max out of my training and keeping my blood sugars as stable as possible.”