Rosie Branson - Our Community

Rosie Branson - Our Community

Meet Rosie, this is her story 💙

"Hey! I'm Rosie & I've had Type 1 Diabetes for 11 years, I was almost 10, now I'm on the verge of 21. My older brother is also T1, he was diagnosed a few months after me but his story is not mine to tell.

My diagnosis was a whirlwind, it was when everything made sense but also didn't make sense anymore, in a way I think I'm lucky as I was still young enough to adapt to this new lifestyle. Soon enough I was able to forget what it was like without it, especially given that I went for a year undiagnosed, I was happy to be feeling better. For me, it took a set of eyes detached from my personal family situation to make my diagnosis. The warning signs of T1 so often go undetected or are attributed to stress/ personal circumstances. I was very lucky that I was diagnosed when I was, I wouldn't have made it another week, but here we are today!

It hasn't been easy and I wouldn't say that I've mastered T1. I ride a very unenjoyable rollercoaster of blood sugars most days, but I am at peace with the fact that diabetes isn't going anywhere anytime soon. As T1's, we have so much more to think about and overcome during just one single day and that's why I want to speak up on just how much goes on in the life of a diabetic.

A major motivator for me to raise awareness is the fight to make Continuous Glucose Monitoring devices readily available to any and all Type 1 Diabetics. I proudly rock my Type Strong Patch over my sensor as I'm grateful for this life saving device, though I am scared for those who do not have access past 21 years of age, including myself in a couple of weeks. I am confident that with a community as strong as ours, we can stand together and make a change, we can fight for fair.  We can fight for #CGM4ALL

Type 1 has taught me to overcome what crosses my path, whether it's easy or not, I have learnt that life doesn't always work in your favour, you can either succumb to it, or power through and be stronger for it. I want other T1's, newly diagnosed or not, to remember that Type 1 isn't a reason NOT to, it's a reason TO. You can do what you put your mind to, it may take a little more effort & calculation, but you've got this."