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Patch Application Videos

Click the links below to view video application instructions for your patch:

Freestyle Libre & Dexcom G7 COLOUR

Freestyle Libre & Dexcom G7 CLEAR

Medtronic Guardian COLOUR

Medtronic Guardian CLEAR

Dexcom G6 COLOUR

Dexcom G6 CLEAR

Omnipod CLEAR

Pump Infusion Set CLEAR

Additional patch application tips

Please ensure that your skin is clean (especially from oils) and completely dry before applying the patch. Ideally, our patches should be applied immediately after cleaning the area with an alcohol wipe.

During application, please try to avoid touching the sticky side - if someone can help you, then that is great! The patch will last much longer if applied without wrinkles. Once applied, please rub the patch gently to create heat - this helps to activate the adhesive. Keep the patch dry for at least 2 hours after application for best results. To ensure longevity, please avoid using sunscreen, moisturiser, or oil-based body washes near the patch.

If having patch longevity issues

We recommend using a skin preparation wipe such as Skin-Tac (Torbot) or Skin-Prep (Smith + Nephew). These adhesive wipes should be applied after cleaning your skin and prior to applying the patch. Some people struggle to get anything to adhere to their skin, and this generally solves the problem for them.

Type Strong Patches

What are they made of?

Our coloured patches are made of 95% Cotton and 5% Spandex - the high percentage of Cotton results in 'soft to touch' patches that don't lift around the edges, while the Spandex adds stretch and flexibility so the patches move with your skin.

Our clear patches are made from polyurethane, which is a strong, waterproof material that is also breathable for your skin.

How long do they last?

Our patches are designed to last for 10+ days when applied correctly.

Are they suitable for sensitive skin?

Our patches use a special medical-grade hypoallergenic adhesive designed to be gentle on all skin types. We have many customers who switch to our patches due to skin reactions with other brands. However, as always, please discontinue use if you do have a skin reaction.

NOTE: Our coloured material patches are better suited for highly sensitive skin compared to our clear patches.

Best way to remove the patches if they are 'stuck'?

If the patch is still firmly adhered to your body when it's time to remove it, you can use any oil to help loosen the adhesive. Essential oils such as Eucalyptus or Tea Tree oil are excellent for this.

Will my patch stay on whilst playing sport?

Type Strong CGM patches are designed specifically for use during exercise. This means they are also suitable for everyday wear in humid locations and will help to keep your device secure. 

Can I wear them in water?

You sure can! Feel free to have a shower, go swimming in the ocean or whatever else tickles your fancy.

Just remember that it's best to keep sunscreen away from the patch to help it last longer.

How should I store my patches?

Our patches are housed in a rugged, resealable + waterproof package to ensure they are protected from the elements.

However, please don't leave them in hot environments (such as a car) as this may damage the adhesive.

Shipping & Payment Questions

Which countries can I purchase from?

Our products are available for purchase all around the world. Click here to see all of our shipping options. 

How long will my order take to be delivered?

Please click here to view our Shipping Policy.

Can I get a refund if I don't like my purchase?

Yes, you sure can. We have a 30-day returns policy. Please click here for more information.

Which payment methods do you accept?

We accept Credit Card and Paypal - along with accelerated checkout options such as Google Pay and Apple Pay.

Which currencies can I purchase with?

There is a currency selector in the top right corner of our website.

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