4 Online Platforms that help with Diabetes Management | Type Strong

4 Online Platforms that help with Diabetes Management | Type Strong

Research and development are vital in the quest to find a cure for Type 1. Last week we discussed 4 exciting new companies developing innovative means to help people living with Type 1 diabetes. However, such methods take years of research and testing to be fully available to the public, and it also takes time to build trust around these solutions. Therefore, it is also essential that we look at the current options for managing Type 1 diabetes.

For this article we have assessed 4 platforms that are designed to assist people in better managing their Type 1 diabetes.


In 2010 Glooko launched their diabetes data platform to both patients and their care teams. The company leverages the power of mobile, cloud and data analytics to give actionable insights for people living with Type 1 diabetes.

Since then, Glooko has become a leading diabetes data management organization with offices in Sweden, Silicon Valley and Chicago that provides a unified platform for diabetes management. The platform aims to improve health outcomes for people with diabetes and reduce the overall costs of its management.

The company has a free mobile app (available for Android and iOS) that allows people to sync data from their devices, share it with a care team and receive personalized insights to improve diabetes management.

In March 2020, the platform also announced that throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, it will offer its secure, privacy-protected, remote-care solution free of charge to medical clinics and the entire diabetes community. This is a public service initiative to mitigate the risk of the virus by broadening access to remote medical appointments with healthcare providers. 

One Drop

One Drop is a digital health company that utilizes mobile computing, behavioral science and data science to help improve the lives of people with Type 1 and other chronic conditions. The platform offers personal coaching, transformation plans, health data tracking, health forecasting, and insights through its digital membership. 

The founder of the platform, Jeff Dachis, states that from his personal experience of living with Type 1 diabetes, he wanted to create a fully integrated yet simple solution to  help manage the disease. 

One Drop also offers a mobile app that aims to provide affordable and accessible self-care to everyone with access to a smartphone. The company supports its digital membership program with multiple evidence-based case studies and clinically effective research. The program costs $19.99 per month or $215.89 per year. 

Vida Health

The vision of Vida health is to provide complete virtual health care. The platform’s goal is to bring together mental and physical healthcare through a human-centric approach using the best technology and experienced therapists and coaches. 

This platform specifically gives great importance to mental health, connecting it to the overall management of chronic diseases to deliver long-lasting behavioral changes. Vida also has a mobile app for both android and IOS devices, and its programs are fully customizable with digital interventions, engaging lessons and personalized tips. In addition, Vida Health offers a 7 day free trial and a demo of its services which allows you to try before you buy.

Although it is an excellent platform (especially for people with mental health concerns), it is quite expensive. Vida offers three payment options: $79 per month with a recurring subscription, $199 pre-paid for 3 months and $699 pre-paid for 1 year. 


Lark is a leading integrated virtual care provider for chronic diseases. The platform uses artificial intelligence (AI), expert health coaching and smart, connected devices to provide evidence-based, personalized and engaging healthcare services. 

Even though Lark is predominantly known for its virtual program for Type 2. It also provides excellent insight into Type 1 and delivers a number of different scalable programs tackling stress, anxiety, hypertension, and weight management. 

Wrapping Up

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We recommend reading through the outcomes section for each of these platforms if you are considering trying them. If you would like to learn a little more about different digital tools and management solutions for diabetes, have a look at this report by ‘Northeast Business Group on Health’.

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