Freestyle Libre patch


The best protection for your Diabetes Sensor

Why Type Strong?


We use a special hypoallergenic adhesive to ensure our patches are kind on even the most sensitive skin. Type Strong patches are as gentle as they come.

non-stick section

Our unique backing paper design leaves a non-stick section over the CGM sensor. This allows the patch to stick only to your skin and not the sensor, for easy patch changes without dislodging your sensor.

resealable pouch

All of our patches are housed in a rugged, resealable + waterproof package - we look after your patches, so you don't have to.

Hear what our customers have to say


By far the best patches I’ve ever used. I usually get reactions to most cgm tapes but after trialling these patches on multiple occasions, not once have I gotten a reaction from them! 



No more fiddling around trying to clean the sticky stuff off my transmitter and no more red broken skin after removing tape. I’d recommend these to everyone!



These patches are a saviour - so tough and they sit neat & tidy on the skin without wrinkles or padding. I have never had a sensor come out while wearing one.



We have spent thousands of dollars trying to find a product that my daughter wasn’t allergic to ... I want to thank you so so much from the bottom of my heart. No more suffering for my daughter :)



Super simple to put on ... I've never had anything hold up as well as these patches and leave my skin happy, during and after. 



In the past I've knocked my sensors off through exercising or just brushing past a door. But with these patches I'm less cautious and forget they are even on! Brilliant idea.


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