Medtronic Guardian CGM Patches

Manufactured by Medtronic, the Medtronic Guardian Connect continuous glucose monitoring system allows you to see your glucose levels, trends and alerts on your mobile device. The Medtronic Guardian Connect system uses predictive AI technology to help predict a high or low up to 60 minutes before it happens. Medtronic CGM's can be paired with Medtronic's MiniMed Insulin Pump systems. Their advanced, complete BGL management solution is used and loved by many people all across the globe. 

The Medtronic Guardian Link 3 transmitter costs $699 AUD and lasts for 3-12 months, while the Medtronic Guardian 3 sensors cost $50-$75 per month (on subscription) and must be replaced every 7 days.

Similarly to any other CGM, it is quite a large expense for most people to use the Medtronic Guardian Connect system. It's important that this expense doesn't overshadow the freedom that a CGM can provide over finger pricking by creating fear around knocking or damaging the sensor. At Type Strong, we have developed a specially designed adhesive patch that ensures your Medtronic CGM stays on your body for its full lifetime. Try our patches today to ensure that you never lose another sensor. 

Skin Sensitive & Durable Medtronic CGM Patches

Many people who use CGM technology suffer from sensitive skin - that's why we've designed our patches to use an FDA approved, medical-grade hypoallergenic adhesive. This adhesive is kind on even the most sensitive skin and allows almost anyone to use our patches. 

CGM's are used by people all around the world who love doing so many different activities in different climates. Our patches are designed to last 7 days (when applied correctly, which is the full lifetime of the sensor. You can be confident knowing that your Medtronic Guardian Sensor is safe from knocks and damage. 

Designed for the Guardian Medtronic CGM

The Medtronic sensor is a slightly odd shape to design a patch for. We designed our Medtronic patches in a circle shape that is as small as possible without compromising on durability. A great addition to our design is the 'non-stick' centre section of backing paper that prevents the patch from sticking to the Medtronic transmitter. This prevents sticky residue from being left on the transmitter and enables the patch to be removed without dislodging the sensor. 

Type Strong patch with backing paper being peeled off

Common questions about the Medtronic CGM

What are they made from?

Our Medtronic patches are made from a hybrid material of 95% Cotton and 5% Spandex - the high percentage of Cotton results in 'soft to touch' patches, while the Spandex adds stretch and flexibility so the patches move with your skin.

How long do they last?

Our Medtronic patches will last 7+ days when applied correctly - the full lifetime of your sensor. 

Grab your Medtronic Guardian CGM Adhesive Patches today!

If you're a Medtronic Guardian Connect user, we highly recommend that you try our Medtronic CGM Adhesive Patches to protect your sensor.  You can be confident in knowing that your Medtronic CGM is secure so that you don't waste any more money on lost or damaged sensors.

If you would like more information on our patches, please view our FAQ page here