Our Story

Meet Ryan, the driving force behind Type Strong.

In January 2019, Ryan embarked on a transformative journey, not as an entrepreneur, but as someone who understands the unique challenges of living with Type 1 diabetes. While standing on the scales at his local gym for a routine check-in, he expected to see 83kg. To his surprise, the numbers showed 76kg. Initially, he brushed it off, attempting to regain the lost weight through LOTS of food and exercise. But as the months passed, his weight continued to drop, eventually getting down to 70kg. Along with the dropping weight, an unquenchable thirst became his constant companion, his vision became blurry, and a host of other medical issues arose. Realising that his stubbornness had its limits, Ryan finally listened to his parents and sought professional advice. A quick check-up at the doctors revealed an alarming blood glucose level of 44.8 mmol/L, and a ketone level of 3.8 mmol/L.

Since that life-changing moment, Ryan has come to understand that his journey isn't unique. Millions of individuals with Type 1 diabetes share similar experiences. He's also gained insight into the relentless nature of living with diabetes, recognising the tremendous effort it demands. However, he firmly believes that it should never hinder anyone from pursuing their passions and dreams.

Ryan's journey into designing adhesive patches for Continuous Glucose Monitors began in April of 2020. As a design engineer, he set forth stringent criteria for the product: compact size, user-friendly application, skin-friendly materials, a non-stick area for seamless sensor changes, and most importantly, unmatched durability - even during intense workouts and ocean swims. Following extensive testing and careful design refinements, the final product stands as a testament to Ryan's unwavering commitment to quality.

What sets Type Strong apart is our passion to create the best products available to help people living with diabetes. Our adhesive patches are not just long-lasting, they are the best option for people with sensitive skin. We have hundreds of customers switch to our patches after experiencing skin reactions with other brands. 

Type Strong represents more than just outstanding products, it embodies Ryan's dedication to supporting the diabetes community and contributing to a brighter future for those living with diabetes. One of the ways this mission is achieved, with the invaluable support of customers like you, is by donating $1 from every online sale to our special charity partner - The Type 1 Foundation.

Your interest in our mission and values is greatly appreciated. If you have any inquiries or would just like to chat, please don't hesitate to reach out via email at hello@type-strong.com. 

The Type Strong Team

Photo of Ryan Lecchi, the founder of Type Strong.