Freestyle Libre CGM Patches

Manufactured by Abbott, the well known and widely used Freestyle Libre system allows careful monitoring of Blood Glucose levels through NFC scanning of their Flash Glucose Monitoring sensor. The Freestyle Libre system is one of the more affordable glucose monitoring options available, resulting in widespread use across the globe. 

The Freestyle Libre sensor is designed to last 14 days before needing to be replaced. One of the most common problems experienced by its users is prematurely knocking the sensor off of the body before it needs to be replaced. This can become a costly occurrence as the price per sensor is around $100 AUD. 

We know this problem all too well at Type Strong, which is why we developed a specially designed adhesive patch that keeps the Freestyle Libre secure for its full lifetime. Try our patches today to ensure that you never lose another sensor.  

Waterproof Freestyle Libre Sensor Patches

Water activities such as swimming, surfing, or enjoying a relaxing day at the beach is a favourite past time for many people living with diabetes. Our Founder Ryan, spends most of the Australian Summer at the beach - he knows how important it is for people to enjoy the little things that give them a break from the relentless nature of diabetes. 

As a result, one of the design requirements of Type Strong patches is that they can be worn with confidence in the water. When applied correctly, our patches will  last more than 7 days even with daily swimming. They are the perfect companion to protect your Freestyle Libre in the water. 

Designed to fit your Freestyle Libre and Freestyle Libre 2

We are often asked if our patches are suitable for both the Freestyle Libre and the newer Freestyle Libre 2 sensor - the answer is yes! Our specially designed patches are suitable for both sensor types. You can be confident in knowing that your Freestyle Libre is safe and sound. 

Common questions about Freestyle Libre patches

What are they made from?

Our Freestyle Libre patches are 95% Cotton and 5% Spandex - the high percentage of Cotton results in 'soft to touch' patches that don't lift around the edges, while the Spandex adds stretch and flexibility so the patches move with your skin.

Combine the two together and you won't even know you're wearing it!

Are they ok for sensitive skin?

Yes, our patches use a medical grade hypoallergenic adhesive - which means they are kind on all skin types.

However, please discontinue use if a reaction occurs.

Is it ok to cover the Freestyle Libre sensor?

It is totally ok to cover your Freestyle Libre with our adhesive patches. The patches are breathable to make them kind on your skin - and your phone or CGM reader is able to scan your Blood Glucose reading through the patch without any problems. 

Can I change the patch without removing the sensor?

Yes! Our Freestyle Libre patches are designed with a special section of backing paper that can be 'removed' or 'left on' when applying the patch.

If this section is removed the patch will stick to the sensor - this means maximum protection for your CGM, although it is now difficult to remove the patch without taking your sensor with it.

The alternative option to leave this section of backing paper on when applying the patch - this means that the patch will only 'stick' to your skin and not the sensor. Making patch changes without removing your sensor, super easy!

Freestyle Libre Adhesive Patch

Grab your waterproof Freestyle Libre Patch today!

If you're a Freestyle Libre user, we highly recommend that you try our Freestyle Libre Adhesive Patches to protect your sensor.  You can be confident in knowing that your Libre is secure so that you don't waste any more money on lost or damaged sensors.

If you would like more information on our patches, please view our FAQ page here